How Long Does It Take Professionals To Paint A House?

The amount of time it takes to paint a house depends primarily on the size of the house. The bigger the home, the longer it is going to take. However, the actual answer is much more complicated than that and needs to take in many additional factors. 

Let’s look at the factors that affect how long it takes to paint the exterior and interior of a house so that you can calculate the estimated time that you can expect for your specific home:

How Long Does It Take To Paint The Exterior Of A House?

Some of the factors that you need to consider when painting the outside of the house include:

– What is the size of the house? Multiply the height by the width of each wall. Add the totals together and you have an estimated value of the area that needs to be painted.

– Is it single, double or triple story? The higher the house, the greater the area and factors such as ladders, scaffolding and safety need to be taken into account.

– Will there be a team of painters or a single painter? A team of professional painters are going to get the job done much faster.

– Are there features like wood and brickwork that need to be avoided? A house that has no features can be spray-painted which takes very little time. A house with features will require additional time to block them out or paint carefully to avoid splashes and splotches.

On average, you can set aside one day for cleaning and prepping a two-story, two- bedroom home and another for painting. In some cases, cleaning can take an entire day, prepping another day and and painting the last day. In general and on average, you can count on 3 to 5 days to have the exterior of a house painted professionally. Remember to also factor in the weather.

How Long Does It Take To Paint The Interior Of A House?

In general, the rule is that one average room takes one day to paint. Measure the perimeter of the room and multiply by the height of the room and you will have the area of the room. Add the totals for each room in the house together. On average, you can set aside 1 day for every 500 feet. So a 1.500ft home will take 3 days to paint. In general, a 2-bedroom home can take anywhere between 3 and 5 days to complete.

Remember to take into consideration the same factors as for painting the exterior of a house and that it will be faster with a team of professional painters. If the interior walls need to be cleaned and prepped, this will add time. Additional features such as cornices, skirting boards and shelves that can’t be removed may also increase the time.

The visually represent the residential exterior painting job done by eduardo vicente painting in santa barbara
The visually represent the painting job done by eduardo vicente painting in santa barbara
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