How long does it take to paint a house interior?

If you’re planning to paint the interior of a house, you must wonder how long it can take? Numerous factors play a role here. So, what are some of the primary determinants that can affect the time it will take to paint the house’s interior?

Before establishing how long it takes to paint a house’s interior, you must consider the rooms’ size. The overall number of rooms that you’ll be painting, single or multi-colored, as well as the amount of necessary prep work.

The total time required for painting a home is often longer than estimated. It isn’t something that you rush after several hours, particularly for painters who prioritize quality. 

Do You Want to Paint One Room Or Several Rooms?

The number of pieces you’ll paint will influence whether the project gets done fast or not. You may only paint a room at a time, which should be finished fairly quickly. It’s also worth noting that painting companies provide you with some kind of deal for painting the house interior, and it can be tempting to leave the painting project to experts.

How Long Will It Take to Paint One Room?

For many non-professionals, painting a room can take a whole day from beginning to end. Numerous factors will influence the time it will take to paint, including:

  • The paint’s color and the kind of paint (you can coat latex paint much earlier)
  • The house’s age 
  • If there’s a dark or bright color on the walls


An average piece of approximately 12’x12’ may take 5 – 6 hours based on professional standards; but, this often doesn’t involve trim preparation and painting.

How Long Will It Take to Paint a House’s Interior Per Square Foot?

The Paint Association considers the average room size as 433 square feet. Roughly, this equates to a 13.5 x 13.5 room. This will give you an estimation of the time for every sq. ft. at the end of every segment such that you may apply it to establish how long it can take to paint the room depending on the specific square footage.

You may take a specific number per sq. ft. and then multiply it by your room’s actual square footage to have a better time estimate for the entire project. That way, you may also easily determine how long it can take to paint the whole house’s interior per square foot.

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