How Painting Influences Santa Barbara Style Homes Interior

Santa Barbara homes come in many different styles and designs. In fact, the variety and diversity of home styles is part of what makes this city unique. Some of the most common home styles you’ll come across in this coastal city include:

Modern – A modern interior design follows the less is more philosophy of interior design. With a modern interior design, the goal is to create space where form serves function. Emerging in the 1940s and 1950s, modern interior décor emphasizes cutting back on embellishments (which modernist consider being clutter) that fills up space. Existing patterns are few, and the lines are well-defined. 

On the materials front, this design style focuses on the use of modern industrial building materials, including concrete, glass, and steel. Notably, a modern interior design involves using block primary colors, including red, yellow, and blue.

Mid-Century Modern – Mid-Century Modern styles came to the fore of interior décor from the 1940s to the 1960s (the mid-1900s). However, this interior style is still prevalent in Santa Barbara even today. The style is associated with gentle corners, clean lines, and ample use of various materials. 

In modern times, the mid-century modern interior design has a fresh feel while incorporating some retro elements. As such, it has an aesthetic appeal coupled with functionality. Another defining characteristic of this style is the open flow from the interior to the exterior using large sliding doors, skylights, and floor to ceiling windows.

Spanish – The Spanish interior design conjures images of the colorful and vibrant Mediterranean coastline. Spanish design uses a rich and bright palette from the floor, ceiling, roof to the exterior. Among the most defining element of the Spanish style is the use of materials used in the Mediterranean coastline, such as terracotta tiles, decorative pottery, carved wooden panels, and wrought iron pieces. 

However, colors also play an essential role in the creation of a Spanish style. In most cases, the walls are painted in cool colors to make indoor spaces relaxing and inviting. Other staple colors in a Spanish design are greens, browns, greens, and whites. 

Home Style And Painting

In large part, the differences in the interior designs of the styles mentioned above emanate from the paint scheme implemented and used. Your choice of colors can accentuate certain interior design elements present in a particular home style. 

Case in point, you can use cool and light colors to make small rooms appear more significant in a modern style, thereby infusing a sense of clutter-free space.

In some cases, color plays an essential role in creating and implementing the design style. For instance, the modern design style uses primary block color as a core tenet of the design.

The visually represent the painting job done by eduardo vicente painting in santa barbara
The visually represent the painting job done by eduardo vicente painting in santa barbara
The visually represent the painting job done by eduardo vicente painting in santa barbara
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